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Welcome to Linda Hamilton Online, the only place on the web for all things Linda Hamilton. You probably know Linda best from her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator films or Catherine Chandler on Beauty and the Beast. More recently Linda can be found on Lost Girl and Defiance. The aim of Linda Hamilton Online is to bring you all the latest news on Linda and her career.
Posted by · admin on Jun 27, 2015

“Come with me if you want to live…” The only line you can guarantee Linda will utter on any and all sci-fi shows she’s on.

I’ve added captures from the third episodes of Defiance to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
        • Television > Defiance > Season Three > 3.03 The Broken Bough

Posted by · admin on Jun 13, 2015

I’ve added captures from Defiance’s two hour season premiere to the gallery. Anyone else looking forward to seeing just how crazy Linda is going to get as Pilar?

Gallery Links:
      • Television > Defiance > Season Three > 3.01 The World We Seize / 3.02 The Last Unicorns

Posted by · admin on Mar 17, 2015

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates recently but there just hasn’t been any Linda news. I’m waiting for info about her appearance(s) on this season of Lost Girl and Defiance. In the mean time, I’ve added DVD captures from two movies to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
        • Film > Club Med > Screencaptures
        • Film > On the Line > Screencaptures

Posted by · admin on Sep 13, 2014

I added captures to the gallery from all three episodes of Defiance that Linda was in. Hopefully it’ll be renewed so we can see more of her next season.

Gallery Links:
      • Television > Defiance > Season Two

Posted by · admin on May 15, 2014

Since the last real update I’ve spent some time adding to the gallery and have a whole slew of DVD/Blu-ray captures to let you know about. Some are TV captures redone in DVD/Blu-ray or DVD to Blu-ray and some are brand new.

Gallery Links:
      • Film > Children of the Corn
      • Film > The Stone Boy
      • Film > The Terminator
      • Film > Terminator 2: Judgment Day
      • Film > Dante’s Peak
      • Film > The Secret Life of Girls
      • Film > A Girl Thing
      • Film > Missing in America
      • Film > The Kid & I
      • Film > Bermuda Tentacles
      • Television > Murder, She Wrote > Season Two > 2.20 Menace, Anyone?