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Welcome to Linda Hamilton Online, the only place on the web for all things Linda Hamilton. You probably know Linda best from her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator films or Catherine Chandler on Beauty and the Beast. More recently Linda can be found on Lost Girl and Defiance. The aim of Linda Hamilton Online is to bring you all the latest news on Linda and her career.
Posted by · admin on Sep 13, 2014

Some of the season finale reviews of Defiance mention Linda and her character so I’ve added them below.

“Pilar is a fantastic character — manic, mad and full of secrets,” says Hamilton. “This is why I love doing sci-fi. You can go to so many more interesting places than you can in some forensic cop drama.”


Thing is, Pilar has dangled before them the promise of a hippie commune where mixed-race kids are not treated as outcasts — but known to only her and son Quentin, no such place exists. And as the finale draws to a close, the four of them are bound for who-knows-where, with the Tarrs and Rafe in pursuit. (How they skipped a primo opportunity for Linda Hamilton to bark at the kids, “Come with me if you want to live,” I do not know. But she sure was hella entertaining when stomping around the pristine Tarr home.)


Linda Hamilton delivered a worthy performance in her short guest appearance, and I hope we get to see more of her in season 3, if there is one.


I love that all of the reviews were really positive about Linda and her performance.

Posted by · admin on Jan 26, 2013

Linda has been added as a guest to the Calgary Expo in April. I’ve updated the sidebar with all the information.

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
April 26 – 28, 2013
BMO Centre
Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Posted by · admin on Jun 14, 2012

I found a great article and transcript from May-Hem.

Sporting indefatigable good humor and enough charm to dazzle anyone within a 50-mile radius, actress Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame more than rose to the occasion while meeting a throng of her excited sci-fi fans at last weekend’s Spooky Empire May-Hem convention in Orlando, FL.

You can read the entire article here

About her upcoming project:
“I’m heading over to Europe in a few weeks to play the U.S President. So I’m going to have to cut my hippy hair, I guess. I’m going to appear in a miniseries for British TV called Air Force One Is Down. It’s another action piece, very well-written. I love to go over there and do work that nobody ever sees. That’s been my specialty – I work a lot but nobody sees it! So I’m safe that way.”

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CONVENTION: Linda has been added as a guest at the MAY-HEM convention in May.

Spooky Empire’s MAY-HEM
May 25 – 27, 2012
Orlando, Florida

GALLERY: I’ve added screencaptures from Silent Fall and Home by Christmas to the gallery. A big thank you to Samantha for donating the Home by Christmas screencaptures.

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